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How is hiring construction equipment of benefit?

Whether you work in the construction industry or are completing construction work to your own property, having the right tools to do it with is key. Professional and high quality construction equipment can make the job far easier, safer and can speed the process up. Rather than trying to get by with using ineffective equipment, why not hire your construction equipment from a reputable construction equipment hire company? Hiring construction equipment needn't be expensive and is certainly far cheaper than investing in the equipment yourself, especially if it is not equipment you are going to use on a permanent basis.

Inspection tips for buying used excavators

Buying any kind of commercial equipment is not cheap, even when buying second hand. If you are looking to purchase a used excavator then there are certain things that you should look for before you make your purchase. After all, you need to know you are purchasing a reliable and well maintained piece of equipment. Repairs to a commercial excavator can be expensive so making sure you are investing your money wisely is important. We have put together some top tips on what inspections to do and what to look for when purchasing a used excavator.

Guest trucks

Tips for Buying Trucks
If you need to buy guest trucks or a commercial vehicle for your business then it’s a great sign that your business is booming! However, with lots of different guest trucks available it can be hard to know what to do when it comes to choosing the right one. Follow these top tips on finding gust trucks and make sure you pick the perfect commercial vehicle for your needs.
Think about your needs carefully
What are you planning to use your guest ruck or commercial vehicle for? For example, gardeners might need a guest trucks with an open back so that you can get materials in and out quickly, whereas if you run a house moving firm or are transporting machinery then you’ll probably want to ensure that the back of your guest trucks is as safe and secure as possible.

Excavators for sale UK

Find Excavators for Sale UK
If you are looking for excavators for sale UK then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about excavators for sale UK.
What are excavators?
Excavators are used in heavy construction. They feature a rotating platform which is called a house. On top of the house you will find a cab, bucket, stick and boom. The undercarriage of the excavator consists of wheels or tracks. Some excavators can be operated by cables, steel ropes and winches. They are sometimes called JCB’s, diggers, 360 degree excavators or mechanical shovels. If you are looking for excavators for sale UK then it’s important to ensure you’re educated about different types of excavators.

Commercial Vehicles for Sale

If you are looking for commercial vehicles for sale then look no further than Aquila trucks. We provide a wide range of commercial vehicles for sale for all purposes at highly competitive prices.
Take a look at our incredible range of commercial vehicles for sale including Man Trucks, Isuzu Trucks and Scania trucks.
The leading all make commercial dealership in the UK, Aquila Trucks can provide a comprehensive service from a team of expert staff that will always strive to provide a friendly and helpful service.

All about Keltruck

Keltruck is an independent Scania dealer that has been established for over 30 years with dealerships located throughout Wales and the Midlands.
When you decide to buy a Scania vehicle, whether it is new or used, Keltruck can provide a wide range of services that are designed to make your purchase cost effective. You can choose from different finance packages, including contract maintenance and contract hire.
Where Keltruck sells Scania vehicles you will also find an extensive selection of spare parts which can be transported overnight if necessary. Our team of parts technicians are factory trained and have an extensive knowledge of all the Scania products.

Isuzu Trucks

A Brief History of Isuzu Trucks
Famous Japanese company Isuzu has been making cars and trucks for many years and their Isuzu trucks, which are tough and designed for commercial use, are extremely popular.
The birth of Isuzu trucks
Isuzu trucks have been around since 1916 when two Japanese companies joined together and began producing Isuzu trucks. The Isuzu trucks were in fact designed by a British company called Wolseley but they were manufactured in Japan.
The first Isuzu trucks for commercial purposes were manufactured in 1922 and in 1934 they decided on the name of Isuzu trucks thanks to the local Isuzu river. By the end of the 1940’s Isuzu had become the largest commercial truck manufacturer in the whole of Japan.


IVECO ECOSTRALIS maximises cost reductions 

Sustainable mobility is more than just an objective for Iveco: it is a way of doing business, the mindset that determines decisions on a daily basis. 
ECOSTRALIS is the evidence of Iveco’s commitment in ensuring maximum productivity and in minimising operating cost thus reducing the impact on the environment in which we live and work. 

Trakker Limited Edition Dakar

A few months ago IVECO triumphed at Dakar 2012, with 3 trucks finishing in first, second and sixth place.
It was the most important Heavy Good Vehicles (HGV) competition in the world, and it allowed us to test all applied technologies and innovations in extreme conditions, achieving extraordinary results in terms of reliability and performance.

NEOPLAN Skyliner

In 1967 NEOPLAN created the double-decker touring class, so it can look back on an unparalleled success story: to date more than 4000 Skyliners have taken to the road worldwide. Reason enough to invent this classic all over again - to build it of highlights throughout. The new Skyliner opens up a unique dimension in luxury VIP travel on two levels, setting whole new standards in comfort, dynamism and innovation.

NEOPLAN Cityliner

Clime aboard and feel at home

Those who embark on a journey have plenty to talk about. But regardless of how different the travellers and their destinations may be, the Cityliner is where the most wonderful coach travel stories start: The Cityliner drives around the corner – breath-taking, confi dence inspiring, simply wonderful. Climb aboard and experience the unique spacious interior: “Here you will feel comfortable and arrive safely – regardless of how long the trip will take and regardless of the destination”. Is it possible to have a more wonderful fi rst encounter?

As attractive as they come
Futuristic, harmonious, unmistakable, provocative – this is how the Cityliner presents itself to its public. Its sharp cut design combines future
orientated design with classic Neoplan lines. This gives the Cityliner its unique look and makes it a benchmark for a completely new bus generation.
In addition to its attractive exterior, the Cityliner is distinguished also by its inner values: innovative technology, safety and comfort – at
outstanding value for money. This bus can‘t be resisted – least of all by its passengers.
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