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NEOPLAN Tourliner

Everyone has a destination. The Tourliner gets you there.

It doesn’t matter where your passengers want to go, the Tourliner fulfils their needs – right from the start. The versatile Neoplan coach doesn’t just look good from the outside, its extremely comfortable interior is great too and, above all else, it gets you where you want to go – fast. A reliable high-achiever at affordable prices for both long and short-haul trips.
As diverse as its passengers
No matter if the passengers are 'just' travelling to the next town, or if they want to cross the country: with the Tourliner, you clock up the miles in comfort. And at unbelievable prices. Even the standard version of this flexible all-rounder ticks all the boxes: smooth running with an excellent running gear, innovative technology and no expense spared on safety. Passengers can sit back and enjoy a relaxing trip when they choose the Tourliner.
Live the moment
Haven’t you ever wished that time would stand still? In the Tourliner there is time and space to meet people. Its generous interior not only provides plenty of headroom and legroom, but this versatile coach is also fully equipped with everything you need for enjoyable trips, whether close to home or further afi eld. Passengers have already achieved their fi rst goal just by climbing aboard – to make every trip a relaxing one.
The Tourliner steals drivers’ hearts. It’s a very special driving experience, with lots of room and comfort. There’s the ergonomically designed cockpit and fittings, and the individually adjustable 'control seat' just for starters. The dynamic chassis and electronics give the Tourliner a sporty feel. The small and easy-to-handle steering wheel adds to this impression. On longer trips, the numerous storage compartments and the optional
king-size sleeper cabin are every driver’s dream.
The Tourliner doesn’t just look good at first glance. Take a look beneath the shiny exterior at the technical details that help the driver and improve safety. The electronic braking system (EBS) for example, doesn’t just perform in tricky situations. And the intelligent on-board electronic system, the modern running gear and the independent wheel suspension on the front axle ensure safety and above-average ride comfort. The electronic stability program (ESP) also ensures the coach holds its lane in critical situations. No surprise then, that both drivers and passengers say: “We start looking forward to the next trip before we’ve finished this one.”


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