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Aquila Truck Centres (Head Office)
Chimney Road
Great Bridge

Switchboard: 0121 520 1234
Main Fax: 0121 520 1800
Parts: 01922 715 050
Service: 01922 715 020
New Truck Sales: 01922 715 046
Used Truck Sales: 01922 715 028




Operating Lease

An Operating Lease is a hire contract between you and Isuzu Truck Finance. The rentals are calculated upon the estimated depreciation of the truck over the period of hire, rather than just the initial cost. At the end of the contract you return the truck with no further payments provided that you have performed and carried out all the obligations under the agreement.

Finance Lease

A Finance Lease is also a hire contract between you and Isuzu Truck Finance. In this case Isuzu Truck Finance agrees to purchase the truck you have selected from Isuzu and hire it to you at an agreed price over an agreed period of time. You then pay Isuzu Truck Finance rental payments over the term of the lease, normally with several due in advance. At the end of the contract the truck is sold with the majority of sales proceeds treated as a rebate of rentals to you.

Hire Purchase

A Hire Purchase Plan, which is commonly referred to as Leased Purchase, is a hire contract with the cost of the truck repaid in full over the contract in fixed installments. Once all the payments have been made, title of the truck will pass to you upon exercise of the option to acquire title and payment of the option price. For tax purposes, you are deemed to be the owner of the truck and can therefore claim capital allowances. As VAT is payable on the purchase price, Isuzu Truck Finance will ask for the VAT element to be paid as a deposit.

Contract Purchase

A Contract Purchase Plan is similar to Hire Purchase, but at the end of the contract you have the option to pay the agreed residual value or return the truck with no further payments subject to fair wear and tear and the agreed mileage not being exceeded.

Contract Hire

Isuzu Truck doesn’t currently offer contract hire directly as we prefer to recommend specialist third party contract hire providers. There are many such companies offering contract hire here in the UK.

Contract Hire offers businesses a smart, seamless package of services which allows you to acquire Isuzu trucks without capital outlay or the financial risk of depreciation. Furthermore, with contract hire you can ensure that all of your costs for running the vehicle are covered in a single monthly payment which includes all servicing, maintenance, tyres, administration, vehicle taxation and documentation*.

*Excludes costs for driver, fuel and insurance. Contract package includes all maintenance and repairs subject to reasonable fair wear and tear.

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ISUZU Trucks Body Shop

When it comes to repairing damaged vehicles or providing livery for new ones, the Aquila Bodyshop is the place to turn to. We offer a full finishing and repair service including:

  • Major accident damage 
  • Refurbishment
  • Simply body repair
  • Respray
  • Livery
Our dedicated team have extensive expertise and work seamlessly alongside their servicing and parts colleagues to provide you with a complete, hassle-free repair or paintwork service.
We appreciate that your vehicle needs to be back on the road as quickly as possible. That’s why our focus is on a speedy turnaround without compromising on quality of the workmanship. We’ll arrange everything from collecting your vehicle through to returning it in showroom condition. We can even provide you with a replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired, removing any concern you may have about downtime.
We are also recognised by all of the major insurance companies and will liaise with them directly on your behalf so you don’t have to.
To discuss your Isuzu bodyshop requirements click hereor contact Garry Jones today on 01922 715 046 or 07774 193 661.

ISUZU Trucks Parts

Here, at Aquila Truck Centers, we understand how vital it is for services to be completed efficiently, with as little downtime as possible for your operation. That’s why our department has all the parts available without delay, even if the visit is unplanned. 

We only ever use genuine Isuzu parts which are all competitively priced with excellent availability. Our recent ‘Price Check’ campaign resulted in significantly reduced prices on over 160 commonly used items such as filters, brakes, clutches and lighting and as we proactively source supplier incentives, we’re able to pass these pricing offers onto you. All OE standard parts ordered are guaranteed to be a perfect fit, backed up by a two-year warranty. Plus, if a part should fail, the labour element to remove and replace that part is completely covered. 
We also offer a rapid parts delivery service for those customers with their own workshop. Our aim is to consistently achieve a high, first-time pick, availability as standard – currently this is running at 97.5%, with a next-day delivery service for out-of-stock parts. 
With our experienced team of 25 individuals, dedicated to delivering high levels of customer service and support, we provide our customers with an unbeatable parts delivery system.  
Take a look here to find out more about the parts offers we have available, or to contact a member of our parts team, contact 0121 520 1234.

ISUZU Trucks Service

At Aquila Truck Centres, we offer comprehensive servicing solutions for every one of our customers, from owner operator to large fleets. Our business ethos is to keep your vehicle on the road. With our fully trained, experienced technicians providing specialist expertise on engines, transmissions, steering, braking systems, suspension and electrics, 365 days a year, 24/7, we’ll guarantee that downtime is kept to a minimum. 
To support our commitment to minimising unplanned downtime, all of our sites have been equipped with the very best facilities, equipment and parts stocks to ensure all services are completed quickly without comprising on quality. And as the entire ISUZU range comes with an industry-leading 3-year unlimited mileage warranty (excluding paintwork, bodywork and ancillary equipment) you’re safe in the knowledge that your truck is covered for any manufacturing fault during the 3 year period.


We are an approved calibration centre for both Analogue and Digital tachographs, offering a prompt service while you wait. Our technicians carry out installation, calibration and repair to all makes of tachograph and provide 2 and 6 year checks on all equipment.

Wheel Alignment

Incorrect alignment can result in rapid irregular tyre wear, increased fuel consumption and can even affect the handling and safety of the vehicle. Our wheel and axle alignment specialists ensure precision alignment that gives a smoother ride and gets the most out of your tyres. We are equipped to offer laser wheel alignment on cars, vans and trucks. 

Maintainance and MOT

(MOTs and) Planned Maintenance Inspections Our MOT centre has full preparation facilities and is approved by the Government appointed Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA).  All tests are completed by MOT testers nominated by VOSA. Planned maintenance inspections are a legal requirement for all commercial vehicle operators of vehicles above 3.5t GVW and we are perfectly geared up to routinely carry these.
To book your service with us click here, or contact Garry Jones today on 0121 710 5046 or 07774 193 661.
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